§ Warren Ellis has trashed another laptop, prior to moving to LA SOMEWHERE for six months to work on a mystery project. I repeat, Warren Ellis is moving to LA for six months. If you had asked me to pick “Sentences I will never type on The Beat” that would have been one of them. While he’s there he’ll take part in the above event. Good luck to Warren on whatever this project is! CORRECTION: I read “six months” and “LA” and made an incorrect assumption. So my prediction was correct after all. Apologies to Warren for being an idiot.

§ Not even Rick Grimes could kill this controversy: Will Brooker on the whole Alan Moore Kerfuffle and his part in it.

§ Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Canada is profiled:

When the store moved to its current location, across from the Grant MacEwan campus on 104th Avenue, Bardyla inherited a space that was in part a former auto shop, complete with exposed concrete and garage door at the back. So now Happy Harbor uses that open area to host events, from fundraisers to card tournaments to barbecues. For a recent live animal drawing class, one of Bardyla’s customers, a farmer, brought one of his horses, which Bardyla promptly rode around the store. “When you know you’re going to be doing a lot of oddball things, make sure your fixtures are flexible,” he says, manoeuvring some rolling shelves back into place. “Slap wheels on everything. That’s the best piece of advice I can give people.”

§ Monkeybrain and Dark Horse writers AdamP. Knave and DJ Kirkbride get a profile and interview on CBR from The Beat’s own Steve Morris

§ Mainer writer Jeff Kline gets some press for his comics Indestructible and a signing this weekend:

And that’s the basic premise behind “Indestructible,” a new comic book series written by Cape Elizabeth resident Jeff Kline. Kline is veteran TV producer whose credits included animated superhero shows like “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe.” In the series, which was launched in December, superheroes are celebrities who have cadres of agents and lawyers getting them merchandising deals. When a slacker is mistaken for a superhero, and gets a taste of the superhero-celebrity lifestyle, he decides to do whatever it takes to keep living that life.


§ Matt D. Wilson ponders whether todays supposed “short runs by writers” are really a bad thing…or even a thing, really.

§ Declan Shalvey and Stephen Mooney discuss their careers and Irish things with one another:

Declan Shalvey: Stephen, you and I have known each other a long time. We first met at one of the Bristol shows, right? Maybe 2005? It was my second comic convention ever I think, and I remember being very, very jealous of how talented and successful you were. From my perspective at least. You were working on Freak Show at the time, right?

Stephen Mooney: Yep, I think you’re right. I remember our initial meeting; you were the one with the shaved head of a convict, the mouth of a sailor and the heart of fool’s gold.



§ Speaking of Irish cartoonists, congrats to Will Sliney on working for his beloved footie team, Everton. That is like winning the cartooner’s World Cup.


  1. Where in the hell does it say I’m moving to LA for six months? I would DIE if I lived there for six months.

  2. Yeah, I’m on the road for about six months this year, but it’s not all in one place. Much to do in many places. Many machines on Ix. New machines.

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