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§ Nice Art; Australian cartoonist Joshua Wright gives us the story of the evil holiday dragon Kringlekrist, in “The Christmas Wyrm.”

§ And with that we wind down to the holiday and the last few links of the shrinking year, as snow drifts gently over this site.

§ The audio of Caitlin McGurk interviewing Chris Ware at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus has everyone in the art comics world talking. I’m probably going to listen to it over the holiday. Ware has gone from being painfully shy on panels to a pretty strong speaker, so this is worth a listen.

§ Alex Dueben talks to the great publisher Annie Koyama who balances wisdom with love of comics like no one else.

Well, I’m sad to be letting art books go for now. The market is pretty small and there are fewer places to sell the kinds of art books that I’d like to publish. You can also see a lot of artwork online now which does stop some people from buying a book of those images. I’m happy to still be publishing a few kid’s comics as well as continuing with my initial mandate to work with emerging artists. Once you do have success in selling certain books, it makes sense to publish the next book from that artist (if I like the book) but that takes away spots from new artists so it’s always a juggling act if you only publish twelve or thirteen books a year. Add established artists into that mix, like Eleanor Davis and it certainly makes for an interesting catalogue.


§ BEST OFS: The best Canadian comics and graphica of 2017 from the CBC.

§ And EW’s The best comics of 2017. Slideshow alert.

§ CB.com also has The 2017 ComicBook.com Golden Issue Awards Nominations for Comics but it was just too too slideshow-y for me. Sorry.

§ Geek Dad yaks it up with Mariko Tamaki on a podcast.

§ Brad Meltzer is writing a graphic novel about Gandhi.

“I saw the way we were talking to each other, tearing each other apart,” he continues. “We need to be better than what angers us.” His creative response is a graphic novel, written by him and illustrated by about two-dozen top artists, titled “I Am Gandhi: A Graphic Biography of a Hero,” due out next May from Dial Books. All royalties from the book will go to Seeds of Peace, a nonprofit group that seeks to cultivate future global leaders. Meltzer had been working on his children’s book “I Am Gandhi,” which was published in October, to help students learn about the Indian human-rights icon.

§ When ReedPOP took over the MCM cons in the UK they cancelled three of them – but Telford is not taking this sitting down! A petition has been launched to save the con!

Members of the cast of cult sci-fi show Red Dwarf had regularly attended the event, taking part in panels and signing sessions for fans. Comic Con events in Liverpool and Northern Ireland were also cancelled as part of the new approach.

The petition at www.change.org, which will be sent to the event organisers, says: “Many people are unable to attend the events in London and Birmingham and have lost access to Comic Cons in general. “Passionate pop culture fans are left with little events to attend and are now made to spend more money on travel and tickets for bigger events that are crowded and hard to enjoy. “I am to help bring back the Comic Cons we have known and loved for years and stop them being cancelled so that many pop culture fans can experience the joys of Cons in a close area.

You can sign the petition here. It has only 56 signatures thus far, but mark my words, Telford shall rise again!


  1. Telford to Birmingham is 34 miles and there is a direct train line. That is hardly an earth shattering distance to travel.

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