§ Nice Art: Tom Gauld is a treasure on at least two continents, if you didn’t read Mooncop, you are only depriving yourself. He made a short comic for the New Yorker called The Life-Changing Magic of Decluttering in a Post-Apocalyptic World


§ UK cartoonist/store owner/martial artist Al Davison has a crowdfunder going to cover expenses, including a carer, to allow him to attend arts events. Davison is confined to a wheelchair because of the birth defects he wrote about in his classic The Spiral Cage. The goal is £1,000.


§ Submissions for The Cartoonist Studio Prize are now open and Karen Green will be the guest judge, along with Slate’s Jacob Brogan and the faculty and students of The Center for Cartoon Studies. The prize comes with a cash prize of $1000 so get to it!


§ Comics’ crime spree continues. Via a report in Japanese, manga editor Park Jung-hyun was arrested and charged with his wife’s death in Tokyo last year. Park at first said his wife had fallen down the stairs, but the cause of death was found to be strangulation.

Park, who at the time lived in the residence with his wife and their four children, initially claimed that his wife “fell down the stairs.” However, he later changed his story, saying she “committed suicide by hanging herself by a handrail.” An investigation was launched after police were unable to find sufficient evidence to back Park’s claim of suicide.

Although Park is credited as being the editor of Attack on Titan, more properly he was the editor of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, which serialized AoT starting in 2009.

§ Area man! The graphic novel Carver was named favorite GN by IGN, and creator Chris Hunt was profiled by the local weekly in Boise, ID.

§ Here’s a profile of Catalan cartoonist Joan Cornella, whose comics are violent, disturbing and very popular – and published in the US by Fantagraphics!


§ Jim Woodring will be the subject of an art exhibit at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle.

§ Chuck Forsman has confirmed that his comic The End of the F*cking World – or TEOTFW, as it’s often called – is coming back to print as a hardcover edition this summer, presumably to tie in with a UK TV series adaptation of the book, which has long been rumored to end up on Netflix here in the US.

§ Brian Heater interviews Al Jaffee for his podcast.

§ Here’s a nice write up on the upcoming GN adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred.

§ Not comics: Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca on To Trolls, With Love about what hapens when a woman appears on the internet:

Harassment is seen as an inevitability for women on the internet, and, as with most awful nonsense, it’s even worse for women of color. I have the privilege of whiteness, but know the onslaught of misogynoir garbage Leslie Jones endured last summer was unique only in scope. If you’re a woman online with anything even remotely resembling an opinion, Twitter eggs will sniff you out like a shark hunting down the scent of blood. They’ll tell you that you deserve to be raped, or that no one would ever sleep with you, that you’re ridden with disease, wearing too much makeup, or not enough makeup, that you’re a whore with bad eyebrows. That… I don’t know, some period joke about the shark’s blood thing. Come get me, trolls, I’m bracing for impact. (Shout out to the orange egg who just messaged me, “Ho, ho, Hitler.”)

§ Finally, after Sunday’s kiss between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield, I joked that it launched many ships, but of course “SpideypooL’ already has a sizable following, and the kudocast smooch only fanned the flames.


  1. A minor thing but… “confined to a wheelchair”, along with “wheelchair bound” is not the preferred nomenclature. “Uses a wheelchair” or “is a wheelchair user” is just fine.

    And let me take the opportunity to remind people that some wheelchair users can walk – be it with pain/difficulty/not for long stretches (in case someone sees a wheelchair user get up and thinks ‘faaaake!’).

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