§ Nice art! King Features’ Tea Fougner has just revived one of Popeye creator E.C. Segar’s best ideas: Popeye’s Cartoon Club: 

In the 1930s, E.C. Segar added a new feature to the end of the “Thimble Theatre” Sunday comic page called “Popeye’s Cartoon Club.” In it, he offered quick drawing lessons and invited fans to submit their own cartoons to be published alongside one of the most famous comic characters of all time — Popeye!

Now, to honor the legacy of “Thimble Theatre,” we’re bringing “Popeye’s Cartoon Club” back, but with a twist! This time, we are inviting artists of all kinds to write and draw their own Sunday comic strip featuring Popeye and his friends. We’ll be publishing one strip a week for the full year of 2019.

The first strip is ny none other than Liniers, and it’s gorgeous – this is going to be a great feature and we’ll check back regularly.


§ Nice art supplemental! Dave Johnson took some photos from a hotel room and just added Batman and made a very nice cover.


§ I somehow missed that the ALA’s Graphic Novel Roundtable now has a cool logo. They’ll also have a bunch of events at the Winter ALA later this month. 

§ The recent new Spider-Man trailer contained subtle but undeniable evidence that Peter Parker is a Mets fan. This tragic fact has been known for a while – he got married at Shea Stadium after all – and just adds to Spidey’s aura as a regular guy who can be a loser, just like the Mets.

§ Rosie Knight goes over to DCComic.com for Aquaman and the Strong Women at its Core. I must admit, I didn’t think Mera and Atlanna were going to make such a strong impact – but they did!

Aquaman has long been one of the most enigmatic, misunderstood and downright magical characters in the DC Universe because of his underwater setting and skill set that includes talking to fish. But the not always acknowledged thing that has truly helped him stand out is the brilliantly strong women who’ve often been at the center of his stories, something that Wan’s film managed to capture wonderfully with its representation of his mother Atlanna and future wife Mera.

§ A Catholic school board has changed its  mind and will allow Raina Telgemeier’s Drama to be shelved at its elementary school library. The book, consistently named as one of the most challenged books every year, was banned because it showed two teen boys being attracted to one another, and kissing on stage.  The school, located in Ottawa, had pulled the book earlier this month, but the outcry from Telgemeier, local politicians and even parents changed their mind.

 CBC News obtained emails from officials at the Ottawa Catholic School Board saying the book was being removed from elementary school libraries because it wasn’t appropriate for students of that age. The book, however, was still being allowed for intermediate and high school grades (7-12). The author, local politicians and parents criticized the book’s removal from elementary school libraries after the story was published on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the school board said it will allow it back on elementary school library shelves. “The Ottawa Catholic School Board has listened to educators, parents, stakeholders & ratepayers,” said spokesperson Mardi de Kemp in an email.


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