Longtime alt-paer mainstay Keith Knight joins the ranks of daily strip artists with Knight Life. The strip covers the usual topics: “political and social satire, humor about daily life, and other elements. The autobiographical comic features Knight, his wife, his father, and an “odd” assortment of friends, neighbors, and strangers.” The strip begins May 5. Knight was recruited by Ted Rall who continues his campaign to introduce a newer breed of cartoonist to the syndicated world via his job at United Media.


  1. That is a fantastic development. I wonder how much of the envelop Knight will push, content-wise. His weekly strip has featured plenty of references to pornography, sheep-buggery, sexual relations, masturbation, and lots of scat. He deals with these issues in a very funny and charming fashion. But I worry about how it will survive on the funnies page next to Hi, Dagwood and the other members of the White Citizens Councils.

  2. This is a tremendous victory in the ongoing struggle of living versus dead cartoonists.

    If this comes to New York papers, I would actually buy them!