We looked at our RSS reader the other day and had over 400 feeds on it. That’s ridickledockle. Granted we only read about 150 of them on a daily basis but still.

It was then that we realized that NetNewsWire Lite isn’t really cutting it any more. The fact that you can’t search for a feed name was what ticked us off the most. Of course we could pony up $20 for the non-Lite version and that might be the right way to go, but maybe there is something better out there, a great shining light of peace and democracy that will lead the way to the 22nd century.

What RSS readers do y’all do? We’ve tried Google Reader but somehow it just doesn’t cut it. Likewise Feedburner. We would much rather have a web-based RSS reader, but none of the ones we’ve tried have worked out juuuuust riiiiight. Or mayhbe we haven’t tried hard enough.

We have a lot of running around to do today so it will be light posting.


  1. I run Google Reader on my cellphone. Aside from attached dohickeys like youtube links and polls, everything comes out fine (although the graphics are reduced). Yeah, those long posts are done in T9. (This post is done at work, before I start the day midwifing new title data.

    No RSS feeds for me, see? I get it all here! (or I browse my favorites.) Thanks for all the hard work, Heidi!

  2. Google Reader has had a number of improvements in the last 6 months. Also, if you’re running Firefox there’s a whole passel ‘o’ add-ons and greasemonkey scripts out there for Google Reader to give you that little bit extra!

  3. Heidi, have you checked out http://www.netvibes.com ?

    It’s a really handy Ajax-based customizable web start page with a bunch of widget modules, including: an RSS/Atom feed reader, local weather forecasts, multiple searches, support for POP3, IMAP4 email as well as all the major webmail providers. There’s also the ability to organize with tabs.

  4. I like Google Reader okay . .. I bailed on NetNewsWire Pro because it took so damn long to load. I’ve been using the Flock Browser and it’s built-in RSS and I’m very happy with it.

    Of course, some people like Bloglines.

  5. Well, since installing the updated versin of NetNewsWire, I’ve discovered taht it doesn’t automatically list the newest posts first (WHAT THE F***–????) AND won’t automatically refresh.

    Taken as a whole is sort of defeats the purpose of an RSS feed.

  6. Google Reader’s performance has improved quite a bit in recent months, so you may want to give it another try. In my experience, Google Reader is awesome… I’m currently following 1065 feeds, which are easy to organize and prioritize in folders. Also, it is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. One really nice organizational feature is you can make tagged items into a new rss feed by designating a tag public, which is then easy to cut and paste onto a blog (especially if you have Dreamweaver). With a little editing, this is how I create the “interesting links” posts on my blog (stwallskull.com). It makes this sort of thing extremely fast and efficient… obviously it would be easy to edit commentary in as well, if you were inclined. Being Google, I’m sure there are more than likely privacy issues, though, which is good to be aware of. Also note that the subscribe button you can grab for your browser from the goodies page is tremendous time saver. Hope that helps!

  7. I agree with the other commenters that if it’s been a while since the Beat has looked at Google Reader, it’s definitely worth a second look as Google continues to add new features to the web application on a regular basis.

    I have over 200 feeds now and I find Google Reader works great, especially in tagging, managing feeds and searching through feeds. I read a lot of blogs related to my work and I need to be able to find that blog that I read about months ago related to a certain topic to look into the details of it closer and Google Reader I find works great for that and keeps getting better.

  8. I use NewsGator which works great on the web and on the phone. You can also read in your Outlook with the premium (pay) plug-in.

  9. I’ve been using Bloglines for a long time and I’m very satisfied. I switch between multiple computers — it lets me goof off just about anywhere. :)

    I don’t care for their Beta though. I just stick with the regular version.