Two newish review sites offering solid crticisms: Occasional comics writer John Mitchell, who works with wife Jana, has some lengthy reviews at Shuffleboil such as this one, on INCOGNEGRO:

Though not sold as part of this genre, Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece’s “Incognegro” is very ingrained in it. Essentially, this tale of 1930s newspaper reporter — a black man who passes for white in undercover stories — is a throwback to pulp fiction heroes like The Shadow and newspaper sleuth heroes like The Spirit. Icognegro is his secret identity, white skin is his mask and he fights crime via his journalistic crusade. Icognegro is no different from so many old style heroes, except that his adventures are steep in history and politics in a meaningful and powerful way.

AND a new group review blog: Mindless Ones, e.g. KICK-ASS:

I was uncertain after reading the first instalment, but this confirms it. There’s a very bad smell around this comic. The smell of unwashed boy. The smell of socks encrusted with… well, let’s just say “encrusted” and leave it at that, shall we? Sure, Mark Millar’s wannabe superhero (a kid from the really real world who loves to talk about the things you the reader love to talk about) had the shit kicked out of him last issue, but this time – tres excite! – he’s back and KICKING the bad guys ASSES.

With his truncheon.


  1. Very cool reviews, always good to see new review sites and get a flavour for what’s out there. Anyone looking for more reviews is welcome to check out my site,, but don’t expect to see to much in the way of superheroes.