Hopefully by now you’ve all seen the debut of new contributor Kate Willaert’s column “By Its Cover” which looks at the best of the week’s cover designs—I’ve been wanting to add more craft-focused pieces to the Beat and this really fits the bill.

Kate is a pretty great designer herself, and I have to say, her infographic showing the evolution of Spider-Man’s costume deserves a place in Best American Infographics for sure! (yes there is such a book.) The infographic was created for, and whatever they paid, it wasn’t enough.

One thing that i found very interesting was the change in eye holes! If I were editing Spider-man, I would go nuts trying to remember what is “on model” or not. Props to all the artists who’ve made Spider-man a comics icon despite the complicated costume.

ALSO, no change in the costume from 1966 to 1984 — that must be some kind of record!

Finally, as a reminder, here’s my review of Amazing Spider-Man 2.



  1. Or right-click and select “View Image.”

    However you do it, be sure you do it. It’s gorgeous work, and deserves to be seen full-sized. Thanks, Kate!

  2. I love this, but just saw there’s one on Mashable that’s getting some web attention. Anyone know if they used Kate’s idea & made their own? This one deserves the attention.

  3. Fantastic work Kate on both the Spider Man and Wolverine images. Great job, very curious if you are doing another one soon? Batman? Superman? Speedball?

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