Announced via the Wall Street Journal, and at today’s retailer breakfast at Baltimore Comic-Con, DC’s big-screen teams will collide in a new mini-series event hitting at the end of the year.

The new event comic and the first of Rebirth: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Jason Fabok, will take place over the course of six issues (two in December, four in January) at a weekly clip. The series will also tie-in with Suicide Squad #9 and 10, and Justice League #12 and #13.

According to WSJ, the story will center on Batman questioning the need for Task Force X in a world where the Justice League already exists, which *SPOILERS, LOOK AWAY, LOOK AWAY*……..dovetails with the mid-credits scene of Suicide Squad the film, setting up a possible conflict on the big screen between the two teams. Perhaps this is some groundwork laying for possible source material?

Williamson also revealed that the story will focus on new Suicide Squad team member Killer Frost, and will deal specifically with her point of view in the event. The still, yet to be announced with a creative team, Justice League of America will also spin-out of this mini in February.

Per the report, this will also be the first of quarterly events for the publisher, all of which are a part of the two-year plan that Geoff Johns’ laid out at the outset of Rebirth.