Speaking of SHERLOCK HOLMES, ACTION HERO, we’re repeating Rich Johnston’s debunking of the misinformed idea that the film was based on a graphic novel:

…there is no graphic novel. There never was. It’s just easy-to-swallow PR for lazy hacks.

There were however a number of commissioned illustrations by John Watkiss as part of the pitch document. And eighteen of them are on display and for sale, both as original art and as prints at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California. But not a sequential piece of storytelling or word balloon to be seen…

We’re big Watkiss fans here, so a trip to Rich’s post or the Studio Nucleus site is well worth your while. A few samplings of the concept art here to get you started. SPOILERISH!

Sherlock Jwatkiss 06 Detail


  1. A few points:

    1) The person putting this myth out there is Lionel Wigram, the producer who commissioned Watkis. Even a recently as the premiere on Monday he was still saying that he “had a comic book made” to reporters.

    2) The drawings are based around Wigram’s original plot, which was much more Indiana Jones than what will end up on screen. The story has changed significantly since then.

  2. So now people seem to now confuse concept illustrations with comic books? For some reason I’m slightly reminded of Fraction, Ba, and Moon’s Cassanova with these drawings.

  3. They could have started the movie a half hour into it where Blackwood is hung, and cut the beginning with the same result. There was no intrigue, just some Sherlock & Watson characterization crap. We even see Watson’s girlfriend before anything happens.