05-3§ In a chat with Geoff Boucher, Frank Miller drops word on the rumored 300 sequel. It’s called XERXES, set 10 years before 300, focusing on the battle of Marathon. Miller has “finished the plot and I’m getting started on the artwork.” With HOLY TERROR, BATMAN, the long rumored Batman vs the Terrorists project seemingly lost in limbo, this would be the first project from Miller in a while.

§ Also resurgent: Josie And The Pussycats. Archie’s pop-band/crime solvers were the subject of a forgettable 2001 movie, but the possibilities of combining COMICS! MUSIC! and CUTE GIRLS! — three of today’s greatest interests — in one movie was enough to attract red hot multi-hyphenate Nick Cannon:

Actor Nick Cannon and Atlantic Records are launching a worldwide search for three girls to resurrect Josie and the Pussycats, a band based on the Archie Comics characters.

Cannon, who dubbed them “the first rock ‘n’ roll girls group,” hopes the search will yield a reality competition series and a scripted comedy-drama, both to air on Nickelodeon’s TeenNick channel where he serves as chairman.

Cannon has a few deals with Archie going, including a comics version of his OWN girl-band, The School Gyrls. BTW, what does it take to be more than a mere hyphenate — a MULTI-hyphenate? Cannon chairs a network, hosts America’s Got Talent, writes and directs TV movies, plans pacts AND is married to Mariah Carey. We’d hate to see his iCal.


§ NERD-LEBRITY CORNER: Josh Brolin , star of the upcoming JONAH HEX movie, recently answered the long burning question: how can Jonah Hex kiss with all that latex scarring? As incentive, the subject of the smooching was Megan Fox.

Brolin struggled to overcome the obstacle of heavy make-up to kiss Fox, but eventually managed to master his technique.

He adds, “The thing is for me, I had a prosthetic on my face because as Jonah Hex, the character, half of my face is burned, so it’s kind of difficult to figure out to get your tongue around (the mouthpiece). I’d love to say it was really, really tough but it went really smoothly.”

§ Out and about on the SHERLOCK HOLMES junket, the mysterious subject of Jude Law’s still unlocated RORSCHACH tattoo came up:

No stranger to comics, Law is reported to have a tattoo of “Watchmen” character Rorschach — a fact which appeared to be new info for his “Sherlock Holmes” partner.

“[The tattoo is] 20 years old — that’s how ahead of the game I was,” said Law. “I’m going to have to get it covered now that the movie’s been done.”


  1. Wait – I thought the commerical where that guy who tells his buddy on the cellphone that he made out with Mariah Carey while kicking an elevator door was married to Mariah Carey?



  2. And while we’re discussing Nick Cannon and his blushing bride:


    (For you fashionistas, you too can sport one of those oh-so-cool capes by visiting your local Six Flags amusement park and paying $6 ($10 for light-up versions). There are also limited edition versions which can be won on the Midway.)

    Yes, I think Mrs. Cannon would make a smashing superheroine. Debate and discuss WHICH character below. (I’m thinking Dazzler…)

  3. Despite having a couple favorite actresses, Dawson and Cook, I never did see the Josie movie. Though with Hanna Montanna and the Jonas Brothers being top kids draws, I don’t see why Archie wouldn’t try to get a piece of that.

    Also I find it funny that Law is joking about dumping the Rorschach tat now that all the kids are into it.

  4. the original Josie and the Pussycats (comics and animation) was awesome!!!

    …looking to make a fake girlband using the name, sucks, Big time!!