UPDATE: my intense schedule over the last month and lack of sleep helped me misread the time stamp on this… you actuall have nearly a WEEK TO GO! So it’s all good. AND a new comic is added every day!

The latest comics themed Humble Bundle is Valiant Comics themed and it has a few hours to go so if you want to jump in, now’s the time. SIX DAYS to go. The bundle includes some 120 comics and charity proceeds on the pay-what-you-want model go to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the Hero Initiative, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF). For a mere $15 you can get entirely caught up on Valiant’s excellent offerings here is the chance.

Humble BUndle doesn’t archives its campaigns, so as we sometimes do, we’ll note it for the record. Like other bundles, the Valiant effort has broken six figures, with $115,238.76 in total payments and 11,430 purchases.

I think I mention it every time I do this, but when Humble Bundle, best known for offering video games, got more involved in comics, it seemed like a great chance to raise money and do some outreach…and I’d say that’s been borne out. Thus far Image, IDW, Dynamite and Boom! have all run very successful campaigns. And another one may be launching later today so check back.


  1. They’ve also recently added a bunch of stuff to the middle tier (mostly vol 3 trades of series that already had vols 1&2 available), and they’ve ALSO updated the CBZ files so they no longer suck.

    Except, unfortunately, the Valiant Masters line at the $15 incentive price; those are still poor-quality files, which is really a shame considering they’re supposed to be the incentive for the highest price point. I’m hoping those get fixed too.

    Also, the Valiant Masters (reprints of 1990’s Valiant comics) don’t include any Quantum and Woody, which makes sense considering the omnibus isn’t out until next month, but is still disappointing.

    I’m not saying “Don’t spend $15 on this”, because $15 is still an incredible deal for all the books you get. I’m just saying don’t spend $15 JUST because you want the Valiant Masters books you get for spending that much.

  2. This seems like a really great deal, but I dont find their help section quite useful. When you buy these books are they downloaded to your computer, or do you read them off of the humblebundle website? Do you have to have a special program to view the books with?

  3. @Ed: The files are DRM-free downloads, available in PDF, CBZ, and, if I remember correctly, also EPUB and MOBI formats.

    PDF is Adobe Reader format; you’ve probably got a program on your computer that can read it already. CBZ is just a zip file containing JPG images; there are special programs for reading the format but, strictly speaking, you can just unzip it and view the images in any image viewing program you want. EPUB and MOBI are ebook formats (Kindle uses MOBI, most other ebook readers use EPUB).

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