All Jughead Jones wanted to do was win a pie-baking contest. Who knew a little time travel would cause such chaos? Now he’s stuck in the 29th century, having been captured by a descendant of his best friend. There’s also another Jughead, from an alternate, ‘classic’-style timeline. And the other Jughead wants to kill our Jughead. If you think this all sounds totally normal, then Jughead’s Time Police might be your new favorite comic of all time.

Check out a preview, exclusive to The Beat, of Jughead’s Time Police #3. The issue is written by Sina Grace, illustrated by Derek Charm, colored by Matt Herms, and lettered by Jack Morelli. Published by Archie Comics, the third installment of the five-issue miniseries is due out digitally and in stores next Wednesday, August 21st.


Written by Sina Grace
Art by Derek Charm, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli
Cover by Derek Charm
Variant covers by Ryan Jampole and Darick Robertson

Jughead meets Jughead! What does this other, older Jughead want with our crowned hero, and what does January McAndrews know that she’s not telling him? It’s up to present-day Jughead to change courses and journey in the opposite direction—to the past, the distant past!


  1. So I guess “regular” Jughead isn’t asexual at all anymore. And yet the “evil” Jughead is coded as asexual.

    To quote Lindsay Ellis, “Thanks, I hate it.”

    Running this hype piece & being SOOOO supportive of this after a much more intelligent essay breaking down how everyone has worked overtime to erase this character’s asexuality is the height of hypocrisy.

  2. The Jughead in the first few preview pages, seen canoodling with January McAndrews, is the “evil” Jughead.
    The Jughead with the ice cream, who the first Jughead immediately tries to kill, is the “regular” Jughead.

  3. Thank you for explaining EXACTLY WHAT I READ as though that magically justifies the asexual erasure that Archie Comics has been doing. That’s not obnoxious or condescending at all, Joe.

    Can’t wait for you to do the same thing when they decide to straightwash Kevin eventually. Or is THAT erasure objectionable, compared to ours being excusable?

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