Earlier this week, The Beat spoke with Spider-Man: Far from Home director Jon Watts about his sequel to the popular 2017 movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. One of the first questions I asked was about the ties his movie has to the recent Avengers: Endgame.  (If you haven’t yet seen Endgame and are waiting for its rerelease next week, then there are MINOR SPOILERS in the rest of this piece.)
The big question many have about Spider-Man: Far from Home is how it’s going to deal with what’s being referred to as “The Blip” in Endgame, i.e. when everyone who vanished suddenly reappears five years later. Well, we’re not going to spoil how that’s dealt with almost immediately, but as seen in trailers and commercials, a lot of what Far From Home deals with is how Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker is going to step-up as Spider-Man to fill the gap left by certain superhero deaths.
It turns out that Watts knew that was going to be expected from his sequel even before he started, rather than it being something that was tacked on later.
“I was one of the people who knew very early on what was going to happen in Infinity War and Endgame,” Watts tells The Beat. “I knew that was always going to be my responsibility to make the movie that comes out after Endgame and deals with all the fallout of the things that happened in that movie.”
“I also was challenged with all of that while also finding a way to maintain the light-hearted tone that we had established in Homecoming,” he continues. “That was always a tricky creative challenge, is how you balance these two things: this fun, high school feeling from Homecoming and these extremely heavy themes of loss and world-changing consequences that are the fallout from Endgame. That was one of the many challenges.”
Look for the rest of The Beat‘s interview with Mr. Watts sometime before Spider-Man: Far from Home hits theaters on July 2, as well as Kyle Pinion’s full review.