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For those longing for adventure beneath the hurtling moons of Mars, Dynamite is bringing back John Carter in a new book written by Brian Wood (DMZ, The Massive, Briggs Land) and Alex Cox. You may know Cox’s name from his job as Deputy Director of the CBLdf, but he’s also had a hand in several comics over the years, including Adventure Time and a tie in with Project Runway of all things. You can see some of that here.

Anyway, John Carter is a sturdy character with a long history in the comics, and he’ll be back in 2017! The art team and release date are forthcoming.

“Taking on a classic literary icon like John Carter is no small thing, and working with Alex Cox to find a direction that both honors the past and looks into the future has been a great challenge, one that we both are enjoying immensely,” says Brian Wood.

“The John Carter series is one of the all-time great Sci-fi/fantasy epics, and having the opportunity to play in that sandbox is just awesome. Brian’s concept is unlike any John Carter story to date, but with a lot of reverence for the world that Burroughs built.” states co-writer Alex Cox. “Beyond that, we’re drawing on everything from Jodorowsky to Jesse Marsh to John Wayne to make this story as cool as possible. I think people are going to love it- old school superfans, and also people who have no idea what a Rykor is.”

“We have wanted to bring Brian Wood to Dynamite for quite some time now, and he’s even written our very own Vampirella before she found her home here,” says Dynamite CEO and publisher, Nick Barrucci. “We had been waiting to find the perfect book for him to take on, and when we all landed on John Carter, we knew it was going to be well worth the wait!  Brian’s bringing on Alex (Cox) to co-write has helped make the story grander still.  Fan are going to love this series!”

“We’re taking John Carter to strange new places, which is no easy feat considering the man teleports himself to Mars to live a swashbuckler’s life, but Brian Wood has amazing things planned for Carter, Dejah, and the rest as we venture far into Carter’s future for a tale unlike any other,” says Joseph Rybandt, Editorial Director for Dynamite Entertainment.

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  1. Um, did someone do the two pieces of artwork that are shown with this promo piece about two writers? Oh, I see one of them is signed by Gary Brown…but although the piece says artists haven’t yet been chosen, art is shown—uncredited. Here is already an undue emphasis on writers who are adapting something created by someone else—and one of them connected with the CBLDF no less!! They and the companies should certainly mention the extremely important contributions made by artists to the visual medium of comics. I can guarantee that if such low regard for artists is displayed at the outset of a project, artists will be treated badly all the way through.

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