The revamed CBR.com phasing out its bloggy subsites, but a lot of the writers involved still have blogging in their blood. This is a calling and a curse you see. Kind of like beng a superhero.

The Comics Should Be Good crew have announced they are launching their own site, Atomic Junk Shop, with Greg Hatcher, Greg Burgas, Jim MacQuarrie and many more. Details in the pr below.

AND, the Robot 6 crew has reassembled at Smash Pages, with JK PArkin, Corey Blake, and,  I’m told, more of the crew to come. They are just gettng up to speed, but should be bookmarked, or like their FB page or follow them on twitter or however you do it.

See comics journalism isn’t dead! It’s just restin’!

The Atomic Junk Shop ( www.atomicjunkshop.com ) is a new blog focused on spotlighting the best that pop culture has to offer, whether that’s the great new comics coming out every week at your local shop, or the neat old stuff that’s still found in vintage shops and on eBay.  Think of us as the bookshop owner that can trace the history of a genre, a record shop clerk that can point out the influences of your favorite bands, the person at the comic store register that can tell you all about the run of comics that you’re sure to love based on what’s in your pull box.

“We’re sharing stuff we like, and if it’s something that’s new to you, you’re one of today’s lucky ones,” says co-founder Jim MacQuarrie.

We’re not opposed to the flood of the new, but we do also wish to take the time to stop and appreciate the junk culture foundation that modern nerd fandom is based on.  You’ll find the old and the new and the forgotten and the unearthed here at the Atomic Junk Shop.

The Atomic Junk Shop is co-founded and operated by Greg Hatcher, Greg Burgas (both former writers for Comics Should Be Good/CBR), Jim MacQuarrie (designer of the old CBR logo and writer for GeekDad), Travis Pelkie (co-writer of Flippin’ Through Previews, which will be featured monthly at the Atomic Junk Shop, formerly of CSBG), John Trumbull (stand-up comedian in the NYC area, cartoonist, and writer for Back Issue magazine from TwoMorrows Publishing, he will be writing Crisis on Earth-T, a regular column about geek culture), Spencer Keane (grandson of Bil Keane, the creator of The Family Circus comic strip, and the son of its current artist, Jeff Keane, and nephew of legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, Spencer will be writing  the column WTF?! Toys), Al Kennedy (the House to Astonish podcast with Paul O’Brien, which will be among our regular features), and Toni Adams (writer for FangirlNation). 


  1. “For an earlier version of this story, see here!” (Always wondered how it felt to twist and shout like Rich!)

    – “Jim Burgas”

    It’s “Greg”, Heidi, just not as you know him.

  2. Thanks for the support.

    One note, it’s not the whole CSBG crew. Brian Cronin is still happily at CBR. Atomic Junk Shop has the two Gregs, along with frequent commenters and guest writers Travis Pelkie and John Trumbull. We’ve also picked up the House to Astonish podcast. Rounding out the team are Spencer Keane (grandson of ‘the Family Circus’ creator Bill Keane, son of its current artist/writer Jeff Keane and nephew of Disney animator Glen Keane, who is also a talented young man in his own right), Toni Adams of Fangirl Nation, and li’l ol’ me, Jim MacQuarrie, AKA GeekDad’s Word Nerd and archery guy.

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