Lion Forge, the mostly digital but going to print comics company, picked up some nice 80s licenses like Punky Brewster and Miami Vice.

In the modern era of licensing, it isn’t about likenesses and wooden stories, but about reimagining things.

So Lion Forge hired Joe Casey and artist Jim Mahfood to do Miami Vice. Bringing Crockett and TUbbs to the modern day.

Since both Casey and Mahfood are certifiably bonkers*** this is awesome.

***That was a loving joke. Both are sane, responsible adults. Please do not sue me, Joe and Jim.


  1. Sounds pretty cool. Makes me wish Marvel still got guys like Mahfood to do an occasional issue or special or mini-series for them like they did back in the Jemas era.

  2. Can’t be any worse than the 2006 movie. If Michael Mann had concentrated on plot holes and dialog as much as he did on his shiny new digital cameras, we might have gotten somewhere.

  3. I guess Benjamin Marra was busy? I like Casey and Mahfood, but I’d much rather see an original comic than a tie-in to an extinct TV show.

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