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AfterShock wrapped up its first year of publishing with good buzz for titles including Animosity, Shipwreck and Alters.

And in 2017 they are continuing to expand,  with a new book from the pen of Garth Ennis called Jimmy’s Bastards, possibly the most Gath Ennis-like title for a Garth Ennis comic ever.  Artist and release date are yet to be announced. It’s Ennis’s second book for Aftershock, following Dreaming Eagles.

But here’s the promo copy:

Jimmy Regent is Britain’s number one super spy, a devastatingly handsome secret agent with a license to kill and style to match. Sailing effortlessly through mission after mission with wit and panache, defying danger again and again, Jimmy always triumphs and always gets the girl- gets rather a lot of girls, actually. But now a new and particularly dangerous secret organization has arisen, their sights fixed firmly on Jimmy’s head. Two hundred young men and women in ultimate physical condition, trained in all the arts of deception and death, each bearing a curious facial resemblance to… Jimmy? Every one united with one terrible aim: Get Daddy.

OK should be fun.

“AfterShock made working on Dreaming Eagles a great experience,” said  Ennis. “I can’t think of a better home for Jimmy’s Bastards. I’m sure Jimmy would agree – as indeed would his bastards.”

It’s one of several new releases coming in 2017 from AfterShock, with the likes of John Layman with Sam Keith, Frank Tieri, Jeff Loveness, Justin Jordan, Adam Glass and more.

“During our first year as a publisher, AfterShock worked with over 100 talented creators to help bring to life incredible stories from some of the best in the business,” said AfterShock’s Editor-in-Chief, Mike Marts. “Thanks to overwhelmingly positive support from fans and retailers, AfterShock will continue to expand its content in 2017 through partnerships with both industry favorites and up and comers.”