Jim Woodring demonstrates the giant pen at the Gage Academy.


  1. I wish Jim had been more forthcoming about the mechanics of how the pen worked. But he seemed to want to hold it all very close to the vest.

    I asked if it took his team of designers a long time to overcome the physics of scale when it came to dealing with the required surface tension of ink that makes these pen nibs work normally.

    “No. It came to me in a flash and I knew it would work and it did.” Was all he said. And nothing else.

    He did mention some plates he needed to adjust to get surface tension working better.

    When someone asked what the ink was, he said thinned acrylic paint. When they asked what he thinned it with he said “I’d rather not say.”

    Why? What’s the big secret? Is that some artist thing I don’t get?

    Still, a really awesome demonstration. Really cool project. Nice guy and a fun time.

  2. As a super hero artist committed to experimenting with the tools of my trade, I plan on petitioning Kickstarter to fund my couch-sized doughnut project.