Over on her blog, former SLG Publishing editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman reveals she has left SLG. Word on the street is that she’s joining Image Comics, in a yet-to-be announced position. as marketing & PR coordinator. Sarah Delaine, who was previously providing those duties, will be staying on at Image.

It’s a great move for both parties. de Guzman has not only been a fine e-i-c, but in recent years a observant industry commentator (disclaimer: also a columnist for PW Comics World, which I co-edit) with a canny grasp of all levels of the field. And of course, Image is the Company to Watch for 2012. So good things all around.

On her blog, de Guzman had nothing but fond memories of her 10 years at SLG

Friday was officially my last day at SLG Publishing, the company where I began my career in the comics industry and worked for ten years, most of them as Editor in Chief. My decade SLG was, I suspect, like no other decade anyone has spent working anywhere. I had great co-workers and got to work with fantastic creators, all of whom I will miss very much. (Though because this is comics and a community like no other, we will always stay in contact.)