Shortly after the announcement of a new Sweet Tooth television show, creator Jeff Lemire teased new Sweet Tooth comics as well.

Lemire did so on Twitter, which you can just go ahead and check out below…

Few things to note here as we do our darndest to hit the SEO-friendly 300-word threshold for online news posts. The book is back at DC, as Lemire notes with that tag. This makes sense, given that’s where the original 40-issue run took place, although the Vertigo imprint that published the first Sweet Tooth comics is now defunct. If I had to guess, I’d guess the book will instead be published via DC Black Label, the new home for the publisher’s adult-targeted non-mainline superhero stuff.

Also, this tease is heavy with David Lynch/Twin Peaks reference. Couple years back, we got a new season of that show, dubbed Twin Peaks: The Return. Now we’re getting Sweet Tooth: The Return.

Lemire’s caption for the Tweet, “…that candy bar you liked is going to come back in style” is also a reference to Twin Peaks line, when the Man From Another Place says,  “That gum you liked is going to come back in style.”

What does this all mean? Well, for starters we’re getting more Sweet Tooth comics at some point, with the smart money being on them arriving before or with the new TV show. Second, if it wasn’t clear already (see Lemire’s creator-owned Gideon Falls, which has a bit of Twin Peaks homage to it while still standing as very much its own thing), Lemire thinks David Lynch is a pretty cool guy.

You can check out the tease photos Lemire Tweeted yesterday below…

Sweet Tooth Comics

Sweet Tooth Comics