The big announcement at DC’s vertigo panel looks to be the announcement of new series from Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder, two Vertigo creator pulled over to the DCU side of things for the New 52 relaunch.  Lemire had the surprise book of the relaunch in Animal Man.  Snyder’s Batman has emerged as the DCU’s top gun and he’s about to write a Superman title with Jim Lee tagging along for the art.  If was not expected that both of them would be having new Vertigo books, but that bodes well for an imprint that hasn’t gotten quite as much attention of late.

Lemire’s series will be “Trillium,” a time travel love story about the end of the universe.  It will run 10 issues.  CBR has a chat with Lemire about it.

Snyder is teaming with Sean Murphy for The Wake , a 12-issue horror/science fiction/post-apocalyptic undersea epic.

I’m curious to see what kind of a profile these two new titles manage, given Snyder and Lemire having much higher profiles than when their old titles launched.  Snyder and Murphy, in particular, might generate a little heat.  Murphy’s underexposed.

On the downside, Snyder’s American Vampire is taking a hiatus.  Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque are taking not quite a year off to both get ahead on American Vampire and do some DCU work.  They’ll release a few single issue tales in the interim, not unlike Doctor Who’s season off, I suppose.

Starting with issue #50, Unwritten will jump into the world of Fables.  It won’t actually be a crossover, per se, since the whole story will be self-contained in Unwritten.

Finally, Joe Kubert’s last, unfinished, work will see publication in Vertigo’s Ghosts anthology.


  1. Lots of interesting stuff here. It’s nice to see some Vertigo announcements that are likely to cause a buzz. The imprint’s been a bit sleepy lately, aside from the success of American Vampire.

  2. I’d say that based on high profile independants from Image DC would be expecting 35-45k on the first issues of both series. The problem I have with Vertigo is that their stories read better in trade. And on top of that, their trades end up being REALLY cheap!! :) But either way, I’ll most likely be picking up both series.
    It would be real nice if the American Vampire issues were done-in-one (you can do it Snyder!) and quarterly. And with a different guest artist on each!

  3. ” 10/12/2012 at 4:30 pm – I am so happy they didnt announce that Hellblazer was ending with issue 300. I was kind of expecting it.”


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