At the Future of Valiant panel, Valiant is continuing to build out their universe.  This isn’t incredibly different from how the original Valiant universe sprung up.  Perhaps, this is at a slightly slower pace.  If you’ve been reading the Valiant titles in the last couple months, you’ll have noticed the world building leaking over between comics.

In the most recent issue of Archer & Armstrong, in the pits of the Vatican’s forbidden library the research on the “Vine” aliens from X-O Manowar is found.  In the last two issues of Bloodshot, Bloodshot’s been up against what appears to be kidnapped Harbinger kid.  There’s more of this to come.

Along these lines, it’s been announced that Bloodshot #7 will be a done-in-one story examining Bloodshot’s past as a “Harbinger Hunter.”

The next arc of Archer & Armstrong will be “Wrath of the Eternal Warrior,” which is likely one of Armstrong’s brothers from the the first issue, not unlike the original Valiant.  That kicks off in issue #6 and introduces a Geomancer, another concept from the original editions.

X-O Manowar is going into the “Planet Death” arc with issue #11, but will be having a “Prelude to Planet Deat” in #10 and #11.  The guest artist filling in for Cary Nord?  Trevor Hairsine.  Hairsine’s done more work in the UK, but he’s done X-Men and Ultimate universe work for Marvel and is someone who’d probably have a bigger following if he was out more regularly.

Harbinger gets a zero issue in February, which looks into the past of Harada and “foreshadows” Valiant’s 2013 plans, so things will probably be coming to a head around next fall.

As we announced a couple weeks ago, Quantum & Woody will be re-issued in digital format over on Comixology, starting on 10/24.

Finally, the upcoming Shadowman #1 is up to 26 pages.  I’ve seen an extended black and white preview of Shadowman and Patrick Zircher is going to be getting his due when this comes out.

Would you like some preview art?  Sure you would.