Continuing their social media transparency on new hires, DC has hired Jamie S. Rich, former Oni editor and currently a very prolific comics writer, as Senior Editor at Vertigo. Jamie McKelvie quickly cut to the heart of the matter:

Rich left Oni to pursue his writing and he’s been very busy with a whole shelf of books like Love the Way You Love, It Girl and the Atomics, Ares & Aphrodite and just out in collected form Madame Frankenstein. Seriously, this guy likes to write! Obviously he brings a very strong sensibility to Vertigo and, as I mentioned in a comment here a few days back, though the imprint’s sales have been sluggish of late, it is far from circling the drain. Hiring an editor of Rich’s talent there shows there’s a lot more to come.

Okay, so Ben Abernathy, Andy Khouri, Rebecca Taylor, Jamie S. Rich…who’s next for DC’s left coast edition?


  1. This looks to be a very smart move for DC/Vertigo. I look forward to seeing what he can do in the way of bringing in fresh talent and invigorating the Vertigo line.

  2. Are you the Jamie S. Rich that commented on ” The Goddess”, with Kim Stanley? On DVD times I think it was? Tried to comment but the link wasn’t working. Wanted to share some thoughts on that. Yes. And as your caption says, speak my mind. – Tammy Grady

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