On social media and in his Wednesday newsletter, Jamie McKelvie revealed his next Image comic with collaborator and colorist Matt Wilson. Details are extremely sparse, but that isn’t stopping fans from losing their minds as a result of discovering what the beloved Wicked + the Divine artists have been up to since finishing up that series. Why? Well, McKelvie is going to perform double duty as he will draw and write for the upcoming comic.

For McKelvie, this will be the first time acting as writer and artist on a series since 2008, with his Image comic, Suburban Glamour, a series which Wilson also colored along with Guy Major. With this project, McKelvie and Wilson continue a cohort that’s only blossomed since they began working together nearly a decade ago. With the third member of their trilogy, Kieron Gillen, the trio has worked on the Young Avengers relaunchPhonogram, and, of course, The Wicked + the Divine.

Just about everything we know about the McKelvie and Wilson’s Image book can be summed up with quote from the writer himself: “Me. Matthew Wilson. Weird shit going down. In 2020.” Based on the astronaut with a glowing hand in this teaser image – I’d say that’s an accurate statement.