Writer James Robinson announced his departure from Earth 2 with issue #16 on Twitter— and added that it meant he would no longer be working at DC.

— JamesDRobinson (@JamesDRobinson) May 17, 2013

Robinson will always be remembered for his historic runs on Action ComicsStarman, and Justice Society of America. Also his contributions to the Blackest Night, Flashpoint, and Superman: World of Krypton tie-ins. His last work with the company will be Earth-2 #16, and isn’t due for another couple months. Here’s the cover for the next issue, looks like good jumping on point for new readers.


Captain Steel debuts as the World Army sends the hero into the Fire Pits left over from the war with Apocalypse, but even Earth 2’s newest hero isn’t ready for what is hidden within the burning reminders of the conflict that killed Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.


Although there’s been an exodus of DC talent of late, this departure seems to have been more friendly than most.


  1. Hope there is something in his contract that keeps DC from doing anything with his version of Starman. Personally, I think we’ll have news on his next project by SDCC, if not sooner.

    Frankly, I’m sure that DC would welcome him back with open arms if he decided he was interested in working on something there.

  2. If he wants to work with me on a creator-owned project I would gladly join him JUST for the fun of a comic made by James Robinson and Jimmie Robinson on the cover. Hahah! But seriously… good luck to James. He’s a good guy and his talent will land him back on his feet in no time at all.

  3. This seems like a jumping on point for new readers? Really did you laugh out loud when you typed that? When the Titanic rubbed it’s hull against an iceberg in 1912 did that seem like a good day for a sail?

  4. Don’t know about any kind of internal politics at DC, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to TV/films since the money is so much better there. Well, presumably.

  5. So…when should we expect a book from Image or the like bearing this man’s name? My guess is no later than a Jan. 2014 solicitation….

    Great news all around…except for the fact that DC is down another competent storyteller….

  6. Goodness me, is it time for the internet to start crying crocodile tears over another DC book 98% of them don’t actually read/like already?

  7. While it saddens me to see him leave DC, it may be for the best: Mr. Robinson’s delightful brand of Romanticism plays glorious with a rich tableau of Superhero Tradition, something that is unfortunately (and almost 100% purposefully) lacking in The New 52.

  8. Oh, and for those lamenting the loss of Robinson’s Shade (of which, I, too, am damn near heartbroken), might I recommend Keiron Gillen’s take on Mr. Sinister. A suitable palliative, in my opinion.

  9. I second the hope for more “Leave It To Chance”. That was a magnificent book and second only to “Starman” in terms of Robinson’s output. My daughter is just now getting into comics and loves supernatural stuff (Courtney Crumrin is one of her favorites). I’d love for them to put those big album-sized collections of the original series back in print and start new stories. It’s right up her alley.

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