The iPad Pro—a larger tablet that with added keyboard and pressure sensitive pen becomes a mini computer/Wacom—is shipping out to artists and comics readers everywhere. The Beat’s own mother is experimenting with one right now and will hopefully have a review soon. But in the meantime, artist James Jean has one and it turns out he’s just as mad talented on an iPad Pro as he is everywhere.

Jean, who gained his first renown as the cover artist for Fables, has gone on to become one of the premiere fine artists of the day, with exhibits in museums and galleries around the world. He’s even produced a pack of temporary tattoos, surely one of the coolest products ever.

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  1. I hate how good that guy is. Wish he’d do more comics-related stuff, but I’ll take what I can get. Maybe the iPad Pro will help to increase his output.

  2. Yeah… I’m not surprised.
    I saw the iPencil video when this was first announced, and I had an “ohhhh fuddddge” moment.

  3. The reviews say it is much better than the Cintiq companion for portability, but it will never rival the professional larger Cintiqs. Procreate seems to be the app of choice. Hopefully this gets developers to create better apps than the ones we have available now.

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