Disney’s own Comic-Con, D23 is rolling out as we speak, and part of the ceremony is announcing new Disney Legends. In what has been reported as an emotional ceremony, the late Carrie Fisher, Jack Kirby celebrating his centennial this year, and Stan Lee, making his first public appearance since his wife’s death, were named Disney Legends. Some Twitter coverage:




And a full report at THR:

In addition to the emotional tribute to Fisher, Stan Lee’s induction took on extra poignancy, as it was his first public appearance following the death of his wife Joan earlier this month. They had been married nearly 70 years.

Just before Lee’s honor, his longtime collaborator Jack Kirby was inducted as a Disney Legend. Iger saluted Kirby as “an industry icon who redefined comics.” Kirby is known for co-creating with Lee the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Hulk. His son Neil Kirby accepted on his father’s behalf, and he began by offering his condolences to Lee and his family.

“My father didn’t create superheroes, he created super people,” Neil said in thanks to his father’s fans. Kirby, who died in 1994, would have turned 100 this year.

Next up was Lee, who was clearly emotional as he began by saying, “I have never been known as a man of few words, but I was so thrilled to see that testimonial to Jack Kirby.”

If you ever wondered how complete the Disnification of Marvel would be folloing the 2009 acquisition of the company the answer is 100% total and seamless.



  1. Although some people will use literally any opportunity for classless self-promotion in the guise of praising others, Stan’s comments about Jack were all class. Bravo to Jack and to Stan!

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