Announced by Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, on the D23 stage the Marvel universe is coming to virtual reality. The game is called Marvel Powers United VR and will be exclusive to the Oculus Rift device featuring a blend of shooter and action elements utilizing different power sets and weaponry from a wide range of Marvel’s library of characters.  A short video was shown with popular Twitch streamers playing through a snippet of the game. Depending on the character you choose you’ll step into a first person experience from different levels of view. As Rocket, players will be lower to the ground where as playing as The Hulk will be like looking at the world from the top of a basketball hoop.

Other characters shown were Carol Danvers Captain Marvel and Ronan the Accuser. Marvel Powers United is teased for 2018 and next week at SDCC attendees will be able to get hands on with the game. It should also be noted Oculus recently announced they were working on VR hardware at a lower price point that wouldn’t require users to be tethered to an expensive PC yet still be able to play experiences on par with such PC rigs. No word was given on if the game would be compatible with all of Oculus current and future hardware plans. More will be revealed next week during the Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Note: Lockjaw was also in the video. Next week someone please ask if we get to play as him, will we have to crawl on our floors?

Other games talked about during the D23 presentation included the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man, confirmation on Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III coming in 2018 along with the debut of a Toy Story world in the game, and Star Wars: Battlefront II.


  1. If someone is interested Oculus is temporay on sale. 450€, cheaper than PSVR and much cheaper than HTC VIVE. You need a gtx960 or better PC.

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