Many folks have linked to this excellent piece by writer Ivan Brandon comparing the movies based on comics to the comics themselves…and finding the imagination lacking:

Big as these movies we're seeing this summer are, (and they’re gigantic): they aren’t big enough. It’s a world of limits: you can see the confines of the sound stage. The actors fall and fly with as much implied abandon as the safety guidelines allow. The magic doomsday gadget rips a hole in the ceiling and the universe rains through, just exactly the size of the hundreds of thousands of hours and dollars that built it. And by movie standards it’s a full-scale invasion. But by the standards of the comic books these characters have lived through for decades, it’s a tiny molded miniature version of its inspiration. A playset, perfect and contained.

But if you go to the end, you’ll see a teaser for a new project called Offset Comics. So far it’s only been teased on Twitter, and with a couple of piece of art. Snooping around, you’ll find that Chuck BB is involved. Call that a promising start.

Is Offset another digital imprint like Monkeybrain and Thrillbent? More to come…