Since the feverish excitement over the announcement of the Kindle Fire, there has been much speculation over just who and what would be comics-based partners for the platform. Although the comiXology app was prominently displayed on promo materials, all involved were mum when asked about the pact. And there has also been speculation about whether Amazon’s panel view mode would be competition for comiXology’s Guided View.

Well, it is now official: the comiXology app will be available at the Kindle Fire’s debut:

ComiXology, the leading distributor of digital comics, is proud to announce the launch of their Comics by comiXology App for Kindle Fire and the Amazon Appstore for Android. Debuting as one of the free apps on Amazon’s Kindle Fire, comiXology’s Comics App will deliver to Amazon’s Kindle Fire users the best-of-class digital comic book reader, store and retail locator. ComiXology has thousands of comic books from the top-selling publishers, offering a wide array of comic books for readers of all types.

“Comics have arrived!” said David Steinberger, CEO and co-founder of comiXology. “Today’s news opens up a whole new audience to the world of comic books. We’ve worked long and hard to become the leader in the field of digital comics and this opportunity enables us to turn a whole new generation of people into comic book fans…and we can’t wait to do just that!”
“Launching with a $199 price point makes Amazon’s Kindle Fire a great device for making comics accessible to the masses and the vibrant 7” screen is perfect for our Guided View™ reading system,” said CTO and co-Founder John Roberts.

The landmark debut of the Comics by comiXology App on Amazon’s Kindle Fire joins comiXology’s family of apps and solidifies comiXology’s dominance in the digital comic book arena. Once logged into their comiXology account, users can read purchases they have made on the Comics by comiXology platform. The Comics App on Amazon’s Kindle Fire syncs with all other iterations of the Comics App on all the different platforms; delivering to comiXology users a true “buy once, read anywhere” end-user experience.

Comixology’s most recent milestone was being able to offer almost 50% of all new comics released the same-day-as-print, signaling a sea change in the comic book publishing landscape and making Comics by comiXology the destination app for all consumers wanted to reader the latest and greatest comic book in digital format.


  1. They offer 50% off all new comics released same day as print? That is what will get me converted to digital. I will have to put the Fire on my xmas list.

  2. But will the Kindle Fire app carry Marvel comics, or just DC? (And all the other publishers, but they’re not involved in the Amazon/B&N dispute so I assume they’re included.)

  3. Hmmm… Six weeks after the Kindle Fire is announced, Comixology announces a Kindle-specific app.

    Meanwhile, the Nook Color has been on the market for a year, and no Comixology app?

    I wonder if Comixology tracks Nook users who use the Comixology Android app on their rooted Nooks? Or who visit Comixology via the web browser?

    The Nook marketplace is wide open… the Nook Newsstand does not offer any comics (and very few kids’ magazines). The e-book selection is dominated by self-publishers.

    The few GN apps available are from iVerse and Seems like a golden opportunity for Comixology…

  4. Yeah, after reading the CNET comparison I realized I will have to do more research. I am still not even sure how the various comic book apps work and how they are different from each other. And given the lack of significant internal storage on the Fire, would I essentially be unable to access any comics I bought and downloaded without a Wi-Fi connection? It’s all so confusing, I feel like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.


    Reading the interview, the Kindle app will be available in the Amazon garden, but will access the Comixology site like every other app they offer. Your comics library would be stored on on the Comixology servers, and you access them via the Comixology viewer.

    I’ve not used their viewer much, so I don’t know if they allow you to download files. I doubt it.

  6. “Comixology’s most recent milestone was being able to offer almost 50% of all new comics released the same-day-as-print,”

    Uh, since when?


    Don’t feel bad… it caught Heidi off-guard as well.

    On the Comixology digital comics page, for November 2, they list 41 titles as simultaneous.

    In the “paper” listing, there are 405 titles. Some are variants or second printings, some are non-comics items like Dark Horse Deluxe, some are graphic novels.

    A quick scan of Previews’ list shows 84 unique comics for last week. So that computes to 41/84 = 49%. 30 of those 84 are from the “other” listing, which is not DC, DH, IDW, Image, or Marvel. Otherwise, if we only counted the “digital publishers”, then it’s 41/54, or 76%.

    10/3/11 Image offers top titles to Cmxlgy.

    DC went simultaneously with the New 52 in September.

    Marvel has slowly been adding simultaneous editions. (They started with the Iron Man annual in June 2010, to tie-in with the movie.) Each new #1 series will be offered at the same time as print.

    Boom pioneered the idea (although it’s possible CrossGen did it a decade ago), and offers their entire backlist as digital, and many of their new releases simultaneously.

    Archie, yup.

    Dark Horse and IDW are transitioning, like Marvel.

  8. Comixology should try and get on the Kobo next. They use Android as well. I’ve seen lots of Kobo users asking about comics. Kobo also owns 50% of the ebook market in Canada.

  9. @ Joseph; you misread “of” as “off” in this sentence:

    “Comixology’s most recent milestone was being able to offer almost 50% of all new comics released the same-day-as-print…”

  10. I have had my kindle fire four about 2 months now, and the main reason I got it was to get back into comics. At first i thought the COMIX app was amazing, but now I am learning that it is way behind on print. specifically for the new 52 stuff. It will say something is available, but it is not. I am upset over this so far, but am hoping they go same day as print, because I have been waiting MONTHS for some comics to come out that have been released physically already.