1. Wow! This is a Schwartz-era Superman tale too. I’d expect this from the Weisinger era. Never read this story, but I wonder if Supes was doing it for charity? That’d be a Schwartz-era twist to it.

  2. I don’t remember the story, but I do recall that Schwartz did almost as many wacked-out covers as Weisinger.

    The main difference between them was that Schwartz more often promoted a patina of realism in the stories. But even during the so-called “serious Batman” of Schwartz’s editorship, you got a cover that showed Batman hoisting a suicide-bomber gorilla above his head, which is as goofy as anything from Uncle Mortie.

  3. Those look like Bob Oskner-drawn wait-staff…

    BTW,, thanks for the link, Torsten. Seeing the Superman Solar Panel suit was worth it! Now waiting for that action figure…

  4. I’m just bemused by the complete lack of background in that cover, as if some fast-food-franchise had just plopped a location in a vast wasteland of nothing–not even a parking lot…

  5. I can believe a man can fly…and I can believe he can eat thousands of hamburgers…what I can’t believe are good looking young women working at a fast food joint in sexy uniforms. This is pure fantasy.