BuzzFeed cribs from Superdickery for 25 Hilarious Vintage Comic Book Covers. These are all oldies, but sometimes it is just so great to take a break and look at these amazing covers from the golden age of comics. And we like posting them, because sometimes Pinterest just won’t do.

To our eternal shame, we did not have this one cataloged in our “Jimmy Olsen’s Wild Kingdom” file. That changes now.

Has anyone ever explained why Superman was so often shown being so venal on these covers? Superhero as paid mercenary? Did he need the money to buy new glasses? Was it a metaphor for the lack of money in the comics business? Was Mort Weisinger just obsessed with money?

This cover is great in so many ways we can’t even begin to enumerate them, but the fact that Batman must use a shotgun to force his sidekick to dig his own grave while Superman relies on only the force of his personality is a start.

Oh Dick Giordano, what were you thinking?


  1. Ha! I remember when Superman was married to a mermaid. Heck, I’ve got some issues where Lois and Superman had kids, another with Lana having his kids, and even one where Superboy shot out laser/x-ray vision from his posterior when Jonathan wanted to smack him.

  2. It was probably Carmine Infantino who designed that Lois Lane cover. And I’ve never read the book, but I’d bet that there isn’t a similar scene inside.

  3. That’s what I hate about the old-timey covers. The WORLD’S FINEST #195 has a very sinister quality to it … until you read the speech balloons. Nonetheless, great artwork, and the scenes makes me want to read the story.

    Not so much the other covers …