Jsa 54

A very happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Supes ain’t gonna’ eat it,…’cause he don’t need to eat,…he’s just gonna’ carve it up super fast. The Atom is just makin’ sure to let Supes know that he only wants a little bit,…not too much.
    Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Seems like it’s all meat and no potatoes for these people. These people, all hunched at the table, faces a foot away from their empty plates. And in the subliminal world, what’s going on around the mouth of the masked blonde girl on the left? Artistic plate reflections?

  3. If a full-height Atom eats enough to fill himself, and then shrinks down to miniature size, do we need to call a coroner or a janitor (or both)?

  4. They should do a holiday special where atom shrinks down, fills his body with rice, enlarges again, and then vomits into the mouths of Ethiopian children.

  5. I remember this comic. I think the highlight is when Wildcat gets drunk and tells Wonder Woman she’s a man-hating bitch, and she throws him out the window.

    I’m not making that up.

  6. Is Power Girl serving her breast or the turkey?

    Also, don’t the two Flashes know it’s impolite to wear a hat/hood to the dinner table.

    Happy Turkey Day, Heidi!

  7. If the atom shrinks or enlarges, do not the molecules inside just compress of expand as well? or wouldn’t his lungs explode?
    I do hope that DC sent a nice Design Fee donation to the Norman Rockwell Museum for using his Freedom From Want cover.
    I’m thankful for being able to buy and read the cool comics I want, and have a welcome place to talk about them. Happy T-day everybody, and I hope this Black Friday isn’t red.

  8. That cover shows what’s been wrong with superhero comics, in at least a couple of respects, for years. Juvenile story material (?) — costumed superheroes sitting down for a traditional Thanksgiving feast — is combined with flagrantly sexist art in the depiction of Power Girl. The woman’s breasts define the character to the same extent, IMO, that the Hulk is defined by his green skin. And, since her breasts are her most noteworthy feature, how would a prose writer go about handling Power Girl in a story? Would there be an obligatory cleavage reference in every chapter?

    “The villain’s gaze was irresistibly drawn to the heroine’s breasts. Concentrating on configuring the bomb became difficult.”

    “Look, Dad! Up in the sky! It’s Power Tits!”

    Thanks, Heidi, for providing a distraction from a boring holiday.


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