iowa state fair concourseWith over a million turnstile visitors, the 2016 Iowa State Fair concluded eleven days of amazing, unbelievable, outrageous fun that is so incredible, it’s on many travelers’ bucket lists!

Food on a stick. Grandstand performances. Animal judging. Food judging. People judging (talent show, twins, triplets, hair…)

But the really GEEKY competitions can be found here!  Mom calling! Concrete statue! (Think “Cow Parade”.) Ladies Nail Driving! Mutton Busting! Outhouse Races! (“Game of Thrones” won “Best Costume”) And, of special interest here at Stately Beat Manor, the Accordion Contest!

There was even livestock cosplay!

  • Arabian/Half-Arabian Native Costume – Open
  • AMHR Youth Costume – 38” & under
  • Dairy Goats Costume Class

Since you probably missed it, here are some online resources:

And now… we wrote about it earlier last week…  here are the 2016 Butter Cow and Star Trek Sculptures, photos courtesy of Beat stringer Axel Adair! (Thanks, bro!)

IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1086