During a livestream hosted by Dark Horse Comics on Twitch this afternoon, Berger Books editor and curator Karen Berger announced that G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward‘s Invisible Kingdom will conclude its run in the trade paperback format. Ten issues of the series have previously been released and collected into two volumes, and a tweet from Ward implied that volume 3 of the series would also include five issues’ worth of content.

Ward confirmed the news on Twitter following Berger’s announcement on the stream:

Ward also clarified that the series was always planned as fifteen issues, and that this is not a cancellation:

The news comes on the heels of Invisible Kingdom‘s win for Best New Series, and Ward’s win for Best Painter/Digital Artist, in this year’s Eisner Awards. The series has arguably been the Berger Books imprint’s highest-profile title, and one of the few ongoing series to be part of the imprint, so the decision to take it straight to trade for its conclusion is not an insignificant one.

Earlier today Dark Horse announced that another Berger Books series, The Seeds, would be concluding its run as a trade paperback. The publisher had also previously stated that a pair of Predator-related series will be going straight to trade following the Diamond shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No word yet on when Invisible Kingdom volume 3 will be available in stores, though Ward’s tweet mentions he anticipates it will be in early 2021.


  1. We need to get a press release from Dark Horse detailing exactly which books are going this format. We know this for Seeds, and Invisible Kingdom and the last Predator and Aliens minis. What about Starship Down, Tomorrow, and heck the last issue of the most recent Incredibles mini?

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