On Friday, March 26th, 2021, the first season of The Irregulars arrives on Netflix. Set in Victorian London, the series offers an alternative perspective on Sherlock Holmes.

The Irregulars

The Beat caught up with series stars Thaddea Graham (Bea), Darci Shaw (Jessie), and Harrison Osterfield (Leopold) over Zoom to find out more about the show, which blends mystery and detective work with the supernatural and horror genres. Check out our interview with Graham, Shaw, and Osterfield below!

The show also stars Jojo Macari, Mckell David, Royce Pierreson, and Henry Lloyd-Hughes.

The series was written and created by Tom Bidwell, and produced by Jude Liknaitzky and Greg Brenman. 

The Irregulars

The Baker Street Irregulars first appeared in the very first of the Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, the 1887 novel A Study in Scarlet. The group appeared again in the second Holmes novel, 1890’s The Sign of the Four, in which it is revealed that Holmes pays each member of the Irregulars one shilling per day, with a monetary incentive for the individual who finds the bounty.

Later, one of the members of the Irregulars appeared in the 1893 short story “The Adventure of the Crooked Man.”

Who are the Irregulars?

But one important thing to remember about the Holmes stories: they are all filtered through the perspective of their narrator (and fictive author), Doctor John Watson. Could his reports about Holmes be colored by his own twisted perspective?

It’s an idea that’s been explored before, as in the 1974 novel The Seven-Per-Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer. However, as you’ll see in The Beat’s interview, Netflix’s The Irregulars promises to afford a truly unique perspective on the eponymous Baker Street organization!

The Irregulars will be released for streaming on Netflix on Friday! Let The Beat know what you think, either on social media via @comicsbeat or in the comment section!