Howard ChaykinBest known for this work on American Flagg!, Black Kiss, Hey Kids! Comics!, and the reboot of the iconic Buck Rogers, artist and writer Howard Chaykin has had a long and successful career in the comic world. His award-winning work has spanned a variety of genres and styles over the last few decades.
Fans will get the chance to meet Chaykin this coming weekend at East Coast Comicon. Chaykin chatted with the Beat about his work and his upcoming appearance.
Deanna Destito: When you plan your convention schedule, what is it about East Coast Comicon that makes you excited to add it to your list?
Howard Chaykin: Cliff [Galbraith] runs a show that seems to me to be as much fun for us on our side of the tables as it is for the enthusiasts attending.  It’s a great venue, and as a guy born but not bred in the Garden State, it’s great to get a chance to spend some time in New Jersey.
Destito: What has been a highlight of your career so far? Launches like American Flagg!, working for “the Big 2,” or edgier work like Black Kiss?
Chaykin: AMERICAN FLAGG! made my bones, and BLACK KISS cemented my reputation. More recently, the world of comics has been pissed off by my dystopic take on the current reality, THE DIVIDED STATES OF HYSTERIA.  I’m distinctly proud of my most recent work, a fictional history of the comic book business entitled HEY KIDS! COMICS!
Destito: When you make convention appearances, where do you prefer to be? On the floor meeting fans, chatting on panels, or somewhere else?
Chaykin: Most definitely on the floor, at my table. I have a very specific philosophy about conventions.  I regard the convention and its promoter as my client, the enthusiasts who attend as customers of my client, and thus I am here to be of service.  Anyone who’s encountered me at a show knows that I have a serious commitment to engagement with the enthusiasts who come to my table.
Destito: What are you planning for this show? Any big announcements?
Chaykin: Not really—unless you count the return of AMERICAN FLAGG!, the third and final volume of TIME(SQUARED), and volume two of HEY KIDS! COMICS! Oops-so much for secrets kept!
Destito: Will you be doing commissions and signings, and if so what do fans need to know prior to the show?
Chaykin: I will, and there’s nothing anyone needs to know before you come by and say hi!
Howard Chaykin will be at East Coast Comicon in Secaucus, NJ May 17 through May 19. He is set to appear all three days of the show. To purchase tickets, click here.


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