When a revival of the beloved Animaniacs cartoon debuted on the Hulu streaming service last year, understandably fans had some reservations whether or not it could live up to the high standards set by the original ’90s series. After all, during its run on Fox Kids Animaniacs was the second-most popular children’s show on the network behind only the “mighty” Power Rangers franchise. Chalk full of jokes and gags that go over younger viewers, Animaniacs has unsurprisingly garnered a wide adult fanbase as well.

Suffice it to say, the new Animaniacs reboot became an smash scoring big at this year’s 48th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards with four award including Outstanding Voice Directing,  and Best Original Song for “Suffragette City.” Yakko, Wakko and Dot return with even zanier adventures as a whole new season of Animaniacs debuts on Hulu.

We spoke with co-executive producer Gabe Swarr as well as voice actors Jess Harnell (Wakko Warner) and Tress MacNeille (Dot Warner) about working on the series. Our discussion included how their approach to political humor, the freedom of being on a streaming service compared to network television, and much more.

Watch our exclusive interview below!

Animaniacs Season 2 is streaming now on Hulu.

Hellloooo, season two! Hulu, Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation have joined forces once again to bring you Animaniacs. This Emmy® award-winning animated series—and one of Hulu’s all-time most talked about shows on social media—returns with 13 brand new episodes on Friday, November 5.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot return for an all-new season of this iconic, family-friendly series with something for everyone: pop culture parodies, musical showstoppers, takedowns of historical baddies…and even some important safety tips. Join the Warners and Pinky and the Brain as they wreak havoc everywhere they go, from the Warner Bros. lot to an international beauty pageant and all the way into outer space. And keep an eye out for season one favorites Starbox & Cindy, as well as some rejected Animaniacs characters that were left on the cutting room floor.