This last Saturday, San Diego found a brand-new convention on its doorstep; InterGalactiCon. Home to the likes of San Diego Comic Fest, Kingdom-Con, and the world-known San Diego Comic-Con, this city is very familiar with its geeky conventions.

InterGalactiCon is the brainchild of former Playstation and DEF CON EXEC Steve “Captain” Kirk, who The Beat interviewed last month. When asked the reason for creating InterGalactiCon, Steve had said, “We wanted to design this as an experience. Something broad like Comic-Con can be, but more accessible and more-easy to get into. More space and easier to interact with your friends.” InterGalactiCon has been Steve’s passion project for more than sixteen-months now, consuming his days and nights with planning.

Steve “Captain” Kirk

To test logistics and attendee interest, InterGalactiCon kept itself this time to a one day affair, with a VIP party the night before, and an after party following the festivities. The first-time convention was held at the San Diego Town and Country, the same venue that San Diego Comic Fest used this last April. However, InterGalactiCon utilized the Town and Country’s larger hall, which would have been perfect for the numerous vendors and exhibitors that Comic Fest boasted.

With areas like an exhibitors room with plenty of tables and seating, a large room with several viewing screens for presenters, outdoor lightsaber/sword fighting demonstrations by “San Diego Sabers,” and a dedicated cosplay repair room, it seemed like there was a lot to do for the small convention. Despite everything that InterGalactiCon had to offer, though, it still seemed dwarfed in comparison to the venue’s large size. And considering this was the first convention, attendance was relatively low for the space that was used, which is really unfortunate for everything that was offered. I felt particular sympathy for the high-profile guests such as Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 fame, Colin Ferguson, Niall Matter, Ed Quinn, and Jordan Hinson from the Sci-Fi channel show Eureka, and Insomniac Games’ Chief Brand Manager Ryan Schneider who all deserved more people to be present to see them.

(Left to Right) Colin Ferguson, Jordan Hinson, Niall Matter, and Ed Quinn of “Eureka”
Claudia Christian of “Babylon 5”

Though a fun concept with wonderful selling points, InterGalactiCon still left some things to be desired. Despite all this, I still had myself a great time. It was wonderful to be able to talk one-on-one with Claudia Christian and Colin Ferguson. The impromptu marriage proposal complete with a raised-lightsaber sendoff was a definite highlight.

Organizer Steve Kirk is already in plans for next year’s convention, which I hope will draw more attendees as it deserves it.

Insomniac Games’ Chief Brand Manager Ryan Schneider