The Kick-Watcher takes a break from Kickstarter to show you what indiegogo projects you should be supporting.

By: Henry Barajas


Crowd funding for indie comic creators is the best thing since sliced bread.  I’m not going to fool you Beatniks, I’m as ignorant to indiegogo as much as you are.  Let’s pretend everyone went to the indiegogo website and researched their mission statement, fee percentages differences to Kickstarter.  Even though it’s not as notable as Kickstater, there are projects on indiegogo worth supporting.

Project: The Garlicks

Talent/Project Manager: Lea Hernandez

Days to Go: 4 (RED ALERT)

Goal: $19,000

The spiel: 

A full-color graphic novel about Pandora Garlick, a teenage vampire who is NOT going into the family business!

Pandora, with no answers for why she isn’t a proper vampire, turns to her passion, making comics, and chooses her family as her muses: the exhausting Ham, her vampire father Vourdain Garlick (a flower-eating barista), her human mother Olive Garlick (a baker-turned-butcher), and their home/business, Orange Espresso and Meats.

The money raised for THE GARLICKS will go towards the production and printing of the first of four planned volumes and to make and mail out incentives. I’ll be writing, drawing, and assembling THE GARLICKS full time for about five months, then shepherding it through printing, THEN signing and mailing them for another two months! (It takes a LOT of hours to address and stuff and post books. I have to start making packages in November to be ready when THE GARLICKS is printed next year!)

Hernandez is an award-winning artist that has worked on The Little Mermaid (for Disney),Girl Comics (for Marvel, and starring Magneto and Wolverine), Star Wars: Droids (for Dark Horse) and created three graphic novels for Young Adults: Cathedral Child, Clockwork Angels and Rumble Girls.  This is the most teen friendly comic book project I have ever seen.  Hernandez’s project has everything you need to know about the comic book, great visuals and a wide assortment of pledge incentives to meet any budget.

“Lea’s stuff is terrific.”— Neil Gaiman (Coraline, The Graveyard Book)


My favorite incentive for this is the Kurt Busiek eats any bug you want custom sketch for only $60.  Now if we can get Busiek to actually eat bugs to help this thing sell, there are only 4 days left to raise $12,734 to meet the goal.

Project: True Patriot

The TalentAdrian Alphona (Runaways), Andy B. (Kill Shakespeare), J. Bone (Super Friends), Jack Briglio (Scooby Doo), Scott Chantler (Two Generals), Tom Fowler (Hulk: Season One), Agnes Garbowska (Girl Comics), Faith Erin Hicks (Adventure Time), Tim Levins (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes), Ramon Perez (A Tale of Sand), Ron Salas (28 Days Later), Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays), J. Torres (Teen Titans Go), Howard Wong (After the Cape).

Days to Go: 15

Goal: $20,000

The spiel:  Canada has some of the most talented people in the comic book industry, now what-if they all got together and made an anthology and needed your help to make it happen?

True Patriot is a comic book anthology featuring Canadian superheroes written and drawn by some of your favourite Canadian comic book creators. Most of us working on this project grew up reading Alpha Flight, Captain Canuck, or Wolverine comics and we’ve always thought that there should be more Canadian superheroes out there. So, we’re putting together a 100-page, full-colour anthology for your reading pleasure (and ours)!

Something a lot of projects forget to do is make a different pledge for international pledgers and include the cost of shipping.  The project managers did a great job by making seperate pledge amounts for international funders.  I found out about True Patriot from listening to (best comic book podcast on the internet) John Siuntres’ Word Balloon podcast interview with Ron Salas.  If you have a project on indiegogo, you need to promote your project like hell and getting podcasts and comic blog sites are crucial to your success. 

Project: Jaybird comic book

Talent/Project Manager: Laul Ahonen

Days to Go: 103

Goal: $11,000

The spiel: This looks like one of the most depressing projects I have ever seen; I’m sold.  I’m a fan of depressing music and film but it’s rare when I see this done in comics.

Hello, my name is Lauri Ahonen. I’m an illustrator from Finland. Me and my brother Jaakko made a comic book, “Jaybird”, that tells the story of a very small and very scared little bird, who lives alone in a great big house with his mother. He’s never been outside the house, and won’t, as long as his mother has a say about it.

The money raised will go to print 1500 copies to be distributed in North America.  For only a pledge of $15 you will get a copy of an earlier comic by Ahonen, exclusive to this project called Dr. Badger.  For only $40, you will get the 6’x9′ 128 page full color copy of Jaybird.  It’s a mostly a silent comic with very few words, you can read the first 60 pages here.

I will be covering more indiegogo projects in addition to my Kickstarter coverage.  If you think your project is worth the attention, don’t be shy and email me at kick.watcher at gmail dot com.


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