“Marvel Now!” sounded vaguely familiar, right?  Not the “let’s relaunch everything with a new #1” part — you’ve seen that many times before.  But the name, didn’t that sound vaguely familiar?  Well, turns out there a reason it sounded familiar.

That’s right, “Invaders Now!” — replete with that exclamation point.  That’s where the name came from.

If you’re not remembering that was a 2010 mini-series packaged by Dynamite for Marvel.  So it looks like Marvel got the name of their relaunch from Dynamite, even if it may have just been floating around in the back of their collective brain at the time.  (It certainly took me long enough to remember why it sounded familiar.)


  1. Would be nice if you got Marvel to confirm your speculation. After all, you say “that’s where the name came from” and “may have been floating around…” – so which is it?

  2. @JReyes You know what makes me laugh the most about the comment section? Everything not accompanied by a press release is “speculation.” It’s a meme at this point.

  3. Todd–I’m with JReyes. If you just make stuff up, don’t expect us to accept it as the gospel truth.

    The idea of adding “NOW” to the end of something did not originate in 2010. A quick internet search returns results for Google Now, Berkeley Now, Democracy Now, Philosophy Now, Spaceflight Now, Hope Now, and more. It’s not like this Invaders series started the trend.

  4. “Pff. “Serenity Now!” from Seinfeld predates all of this. That is OBVIOUSLY where it came from.”

    Apocalypse Now?

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