In a widely quoted interview, Paul Levitz talks to Indian website Rediff about Superman and other stuff. Part two here.

Levitz on how movies impact comics: Those movies were, in turn, very firmly based on the comics — so it all carries through in a linear passage, but it is built one apart from the other, each adding nuance and texture to the iconography.

Levitz on Batman and Teddy Roosevelt: In the case of Superman, we worked on a very fast schedule. (director) Bryan (Singer) and the writers came up with the story line last summer, they pitched to Warner Brothers, it was dead on to the heart of the mythology so it wasn’t like there was a lot of discussion needed. We talked a little, but Bryan drove it in the direction he saw from the beginning.

Chris on Batman had questions from the very beginning, about different things. We had a lovely entertaining afternoon once, discussing what Batman’s relationship to his father was — I remember using the metaphor that it was like the relationship between Teddy Roosevelt and his father; If you look it up, you will see it is true. It actually works.

Levitz on what’s to become of that annoying kid: Will he grow up to become the next Superman?

I don’t know. You can apply the principle of hybrid vigour, and say that the child is a Kryptonian and a human, and so should be stronger than both. Or you can say that there is a lot planted in this movie, his first, that says the genes aren’t reacting particularly well — his health problems, fragility, all of that.


  1. Hm.

    Looks like you posted a major spoiler for the Superman Returns movie there, did you? In bold letters, too?

    You do know some of us in other countries have not had the pleasure to see the movie yet?

    Sheesh, Heidi! Really!!!