It had to happen eventually, but the purveyor of all things that go boom may finally be lining up a proper superhero project.

That’s right! Per a report that hit this afternoon from The Wrap, Michael Bay is potentially looking at entering the DC Universe, and his doorway is shaped like the main man himself: Lobo.

It’s funny, Lobo has been one of these oddball projects that Warner Bros has been eyeing for some time. Stretching back to the late 2000’s when Guy Ritchie was lined up to direct a script that by all accounts was generously said to be not very good. Brad Peyton was then going to take the job, with Dwayne Johnson in the lead role, a casting decision I always found pretty inspired. But then Johnson eventually landed back on the Black Adam character instead.

In the wake of Deadpool‘s success, the WB brass got R-rated dreams in their heads and suddenly Lobo was back onto the development slate to some degree (though never really bandied about with all the other properties at SDCC) – they even lined up Wonder Woman scribe Jason Fuchs to draft up a script for the intergalactic bounty hunter.

According to the reporting, Bay took a meeting with the studio to discuss the project and give some notes, which are now being incorporated into Fuchs’ newest draft in order to get Bay on-board to direct. It’s a neat idea, as Bay’s particular POV is actually pretty well-suited for Lobo’s violent and rather purile attitude, and honestly having Bay involved would surely be one way to catch people’s attention. Because while the studio surely wants their own Deadpool, Lobo doesn’t have anywhere near the same devoted fanbase that his presumed Marvel equivalent has had running in the background of pop culture for years and years.

Presumably Bay is done with the Transformers franchise at this point, so now might just be the time.


  1. Part of me hates to say this after what he did to the TMNT in those movies he produced… but he might actually be a great fit for a Lobo movie. I’d see it…!

  2. I see nothing strange about Bay directing a Lobo movie.
    I have no interest in seeing it, but it’s not a strange thing to expect.

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