I thought this announcement of global comic book love was worth it’s very own post. This is the second time this event has been held, sponsored by the Comic Con India. And instead of going to stores, you download free comics from various Indian publishers. Sounds like a great way to experience some new stuff from publishers Amar Chitra Katha, Campfire Graphic Novels, Pop Culture Publishing, Vimanika Comics, Diamond Comics, Chariot Comics, Orange Radius and Astute Media Vision. Last year, 15,000 free comics were downloaded. Organizers expect more this year.

The comics are available from Readwhere.com or via the Readwhere App. Comics will be available from Saturday 3rd May at 12AM and End on 4th May at 11:59PM. I hope it’s worldwide, because I want to read some Indian comics!

Last year, with an aim to expand the scope and access of comics across India, Online digital content marketplace Readwhere.com partnered with Comic Con India to launch a new initiative called Free Comic Book Weekend, to allow comics enthusiasts download Indian comics for free. This year also, Readwhere.com will be providing the platform to serve free digital comics to fans across India.

Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India shared, “FCBW was started last year with the simple aim  of generating interest in Indian comics beyond our conventions. We are taking steps ahead and making Indian comics available for fans  right at their fingertips via digital editions powered by Readwhere. We had a great response last year, there were over 15,000 unique fans who claimed free comics during the 1st Free Comic Book Weekend in 2013. We expect to take that further and keep building upon this concept in the coming years.”

Manish Dhingra, Director & Co-Founder, Readwhere.com shared, “It’s the second year of the Free Comic Book Weekend in India. The debut year was very successful where we delivered copies of comics digitally to more than 15000 comic book aficionados, all over a weekend. In the second year a lot of focus will be on to get comic book lovers to read more, especially on their mobile and tablet devices. So the center focus this year is Mobile and tablet comic reading.”

Manish further added, “Just like in the US we will be offering a set of titles for free and a larger set at a special weekend discount.”

Readwhere.com will be offering a total of (approx) 15 titles from various publishers. Users will have the option of choosing any 5 for free. The rest will be available at a very nominal price as a bundle.

Manas Mohan, COO, ACK Media said, “ACK is very excited to be a part of the World Free Comic day, and are glad that Comic Con India is bringing such fun events to the forefront in India.”

The leading publisher, Campfire is entering the digital field in a big way with its own app. So fans can Download the Campfire App for their titles. “The FREE Comic Book Weekend gives all fans of the medium the perfect chance to read and enjoy one of Campfire’s best loved and most enduring graphic novels. It is the perfect introduction to Campfire’s library of great books, including World War One: 1914-1918, and many more” shared Girija Jhunjhunwala, Director, Campfire Graphic Novels.

The titles featured this year will be a mix of iconic and latest. Some of the most interesting titles that will be available to fans for free includes Draupadi: The Fire-Born Princess by Campfire,  Satya Police by Pop Culture Publishing, Tinkle by ACK, Godslayer by Chariot Comics, Some of the favourite titles by Diamond Comics and more.

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  1. While the countdown has about ten hours to go, you can download the AKC and Campfire apps now, and get 10 and 5 titles for free immediately!

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