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Image has just released a teaser image with the Stray Bullets logo from David Lapham’s self-published comic of the same name. Last published in 2005, over 40 issues, Lapham’s black and white comic (with occasional color reserved for fantasy sequences) was an often brutal and stark tales of crime and low lifes. Since it went away, its been available only spottily, so a return of new or reprinted stories would be good news. Developing…


  1. For a series that was as ground breaking and talked about at the time, it’s all but disappeared from the modern conversations about graphic storytelling.

    Few comic stores these days even have back issue bins and as a result, I suspect that its absence has a lot to do with it’s lack of availability where modern readers are getting their comics from (new release shelf, Comixology and mass market trades/hardcovers).

    If this is legit I’m happy that new readers will be able to finally get access to this book.

  2. Stray Bullets returning would be a Christmas miracle.
    We need to know if its Amy in that bag!

  3. “Whenever people complain about comics in the 90s, this is always among my retorts.”

    People who complain about the 90s really need to stop. It was a fantastic time for comics.

    Big two aside–hell, even within the big two, they had some smart and inventive comics being published–there was a rich assortment of comics being published.

  4. Circa 2005, I had just discovered Stray Bullets and was going to get the whole thing in the new edition TP’s that were announced but then never materialized. I never chased down/managed to find the singles or the old editions, but it turns out the years have not diminished my enthusiasm.

    SB #2 is still one of my favorite single-issue stories.

  5. Stray Bullets is one of my favorite crime comics of all time. When I figured out what Amy Racecar was … I still have nightmares. I certainly welcome its return.

  6. Great news. First Xombi came back, now stray Bullets. You’re right Larry, there were great comics int the nineties. Thank you Image !
    The second half of the series was getting maybe a bit too brutal for me but I still loved it.

  7. Oh man, I am so excited, so pumped for this. This announcement is the only thing I need for Christmas. FUCK YES!!!

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