Image has revealed the first “Heavy Metal” variant cover for Daniel Warren Johnson’s Murder Falcon #1.

Official PR follows:

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment are pleased to reveal the first “Heavy Metal” variant cover for Daniel Warren Johnson’s MURDER FALCON. Each issue of the head-banging action series will feature a “Heavy Metal” variant cover that pays tribute to a different classic heavy metal album cover. A variety of brutally talented artists will contribute to this variant cover line, kicking off with series artist Daniel Warren Johnson on MURDER FALCON #1 Cover B.

“MURDER FALCON is a series that has a little bit of everything that I love: kung fu, beer, having fun, playing music, and—most importantly—METAL,” said Johnson. “So what better way to celebrate this comic than to homage one of my favorite records, Painkiller by the immortal Judas Priest. YOU’RE WELCOME.”

MURDER FALCON #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, October 10th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, September 17th.

  • MURDER FALCON #1 Cover A by Johnson (Diamond code: AUG180044)
  • MURDER FALCON #1 Cover B “Heavy Metal” variant (Diamond code: JUL189235)



  1. TOO MANY VARIANTS. Comic book ‘collecting’ is more about variant covers, less about quality content. You guys forgot to include the “Abby Road” variant, as well…

    .NO ONE READS COMICS, they just get off being pretentious about their variant covers. Like most things in this fake country, content doesn’t matter, its more about being pretentious and smug about having something, and then use that to alienate people.

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