‘Allo! I’m back, apologies. As we head to SDCC, so the British invasion rages anon once more, as I sweep majestically through the unlocked front doors of Stately Beat Manor. I may or may not be wearing a kimono. But as much as that is arguably a visage of horror, it surely cannot compete with the teaser image for the next arc of Revival which just got sent out.


On behalf of all us men who only just calmed down from seeing THAT scene in the first Alien movie, “thanks a LOT, Image”. Now we all have a brand NEW metaphorical image representing pregnancy fear to haunt us into our every slumber.

As we head into a big event where loads of new comics are being announced and everything is yelling at us, it’s worth kicking things off (pregnancy-related pun intended) with a reminder that there are also lots of very good comics already out there, and still putting out new issues. Revival is one of the best Image has to offer right now, from Tim Seeley, Mike Norton (who I believe drew the above image) and also from frequently astounding cover artist Jenny Frison. 

The next few days may offer you a number of unexpected sights – consider this image a way of cleansing your mind, ready for a solid weekend of comic book madness. Revival issue #23 is out in August.


  1. Kimono?
    My image (HAR!) is of Donald Sutherland in MASH.
    Cocktails are at 4 (“tea time”), dinner follows at 8.
    The same schedule is used for breakfast.

    To those thinking of gate-crashing, be advised that we keep the doors unlocked so that the capuchin monkeys (the descendents of the organ grinder monkeys once common in Manhattan) can upkeep the Manor when the Beatrix is away, or living in her penthouse lair in Midtown. We locked the doors once, but the rascals not only picked the locks, they changed them on us!

    No need for an alarm system when you’ve got capuchin monkeys. Eight pounds of white-headed fury! And it’s an omnivore. If it can catch and eat a squirrel, and it catch you. Probably with a vine snare.

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