Image Expo has just kicked off, you can follow our Beat reports there at @comicsbeat and @victorsentme. And here are a few highlights. We’ll update as the day goes on should be a corker!


  1. All that and a new Humble Image Bundle.

    I don’t think I’ll be throwing in at the top tier on this one (as I’ve already got all of Walking Dead and Saga), but I can see doing the $15 tier.

  2. According to the pie chart: 13% is digital.
    But that’s a crazy scale on the bar chart!

    According to the July earnings report filed by IDW’s parent:
    Digital is 13% of sales for last three months including July, 11 for last nine months. (2013: 11/10)
    For three months:
    DM: 58 Books: 15 Digital: 13 Specialty: 6 Mail Order: 8

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