Image Expo is kicking off with a stirring speech by Eric Stephenson. We’ll social media it along for you


First book to be announced: GLITTERBOMB by Jim Zub ” a Hollywood Horror” story.


NEXT UP: A YA graphic nove by Leila Del Duca, AFAR, to be drawn by Kit Seaton. VERY smart move to hottest GN category there!



• And Ivan Brandon and the inimitable Esad Ribic on VA, futuristic war story.


• Brandon joins with Jason Latour for yet another book, BLACK CLOUD. Looks like Greg Hinkle is the artist, Matt Wilson the colorist. Elevator itch: Jessica JOnes meets Roger Rabbit. HM!


• Alison Sampson is teaming with Steve Niles for WINNEBAGO GRAVEYARD, a horror book about Satanism.

• And now Juan Gedeon and Brandon Thomas on Horizon, for Skybound, “the story of a small strike force stopping a dying Earth from taking over another world.”

• NEXT: THE HUNT by Irish creator Colin Larimer – based on Irish myth. Such a fertile source material.

• And now LAKE OF FIRE by writer Nathan Fairbairn and artist Matt Smith. Medieval Crusaders meet aliens.

• All time great Howard Chaykin arrives on stage: The Divided States of Hysteria, about the next, inevitable terrorist attack on the US. Sounds like real life Amerifan Flagg! “I grew up terrified that I would be nuked before I lost my virginity.”

• And Ron Wimberly is out to announce a complete version of PRINCE OF CATS. YESSSSSSSS. One of the most underrated comics of the last decade.

Here’s the new cover:



• PRIMA by Jen van Meter and Rick Burchett, about a ballet company/resistance front in WWII.

• Joe Harris and Megan Hutchinson on ROCKSTARS, “ALMOST FAMOUS meets SUPERNATURAL.” — look for our exclusive interview with HArris about this later today on The Beat! To be designed by Thom Muller.

§ And now The Beat’s own Bryan Edward Hill and Nelson Blake II on ROMULUS, secret societies and female assassins.

• Here’s a big one! Karen Berger, legendary Vertigo editor is BACK with writer Sara Kenny for SURGEON x! WTF. “A thriller set against an antibiotic apocalypse.” Berger is editing the book. Artist is the great John Watkiss.

• Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips team yet again for KILL OR BE KILLED, a story about a single woman living in NYC, I mean, a crime thriller! Kidding…these two are the best at what they do.

• Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker with THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS, a book about a single woman lving in Manhattan…no! It’s not! A high concept thriller set in 1987! In Manhattan, I’m guessing, Black Monday is 87 stock market crash that sent conutry into a recession during the Reagan Years. Per CBR:

“This is a book about schools of magic. The only difference being that instead of schools of magic, it’s financial institutions. Power is accumulated through wealth. It’s about a bunch of guys, a bunch of schools, that gathered together and generated a financial collapse” in order to attain power.

• Seven to Eternity by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena — a Classic Fantasty about a dying knight. Matt Holllingsworth and Rus Wooton round out the team.

• AAAAAnd Brian Azzarello and EDuardo Risso are back with a book called Moonshine! Sounds perfect. This is their first Image project ever. It’s about “Gangsters, werewolves and Prohibition.” Ookay sold on that. Veteran editor Will Dennis will help with the project.

• Much awated announcement from Brendan Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr: a new book called MOTOR CRUSH. Motorcycle gladiator races and mayhem!

• Fletcher and the awesome Karl Kerschl on ISOLA: ISLAND OF THE DEAD, a fantasy adventure.

“Isola” centers on the titular mythical island, and centers on two women — one who has been transformed into a tiger — and their search for Isola, to return her to human form.

“What we’re really telling is the story of these two women, and the love they have for each other, and their journey to find this island,” Fletcher said. While there will be action, “It’s a gentle story. It’s a fantasy world. It’s about two women trying to relate to each other.”

• And now just to cap things off, Image announces Creators for Creators, a non-profit organzition aimed at mentoring, with grants. As you can see, Trotman, Vaugahn, Kirkman all involved along with many others.
The organization will offer one $30,000 grant a year to help a reator or writer artist yearm finish a long form book. Basically Xeric GRant updated for realities of 21st century.